Hi, my name is Lottie Clarke. I am a tumbling gymnast and love it! During my training I put a lot of pressure on my clothes and kit - I expect it to give me absolute freedom to move with me and work hard to keep me warm, cool, fresh and secure, all at the same time. I live in sports kit so it seemed like a natural step to bring together a collection of clothing that I can wear all day.

I have been training since I was really young. While the sport I love isn't yet an Olympic sport, I have been competing PROfessionally all around the world within the tumbling gymnastics discipline, including the World Championships. My coach started calling me a BEAST when I was about 9 or 10 and the name stuck. I always put in 100% during conditioning and training and work my hardest to reach my goals. I want my clothing to stand up to the rigours of sports training and become part of your staple wardrobe.

Thank you for visiting my store. I hope you enjoy my products.


• GBR gymnast 🇬🇧
• WAGC 2019 🇯🇵~🥈
• WAGC 2018 🇷🇺
• British Champs 2017 ~🥈
• British Champs 2019 ~🥉